Day-Old Turkey Poults



A European Leader

Established in Brittany for over 50 years, Le Sayec is one of the European leaders in the production of turkey hatching eggs and day-old poults. As a family-owned company, close to our customers, we aim to be the preferred partner for those committed to progress.


Sanitary Control

Sanitary control, animal welfare, and environmental respect are at the heart of our concerns. Our strategy is based on the geographical dispersion of our production sites and deliberately limited size of our farms, which adhere to strict biosecurity regulations.


Pursuit of Excellence

With Le Sayec, choose guarantees that meet your expectations:
- Assurance of consistent quality
- Pursuit of excellence
- Trustworthy relationship

Hatching Eggs


Our Medium Breed:
BUT Premium

The BUT Premium is the preferred choice for businesses seeking a highly manageable super medium breed that offers the best performance-to-production cost ratio. With its live weight, ease of management, good feed conversion ratio, high meat yields, and superior viability, it provides the highest economic profitability in the market.

Our Heavy Breed:

The benchmark brand in Europe for meat production efficiency. With its higher live weight and viability, the BUT 6 breed is perfectly suited for value-added processed products. Developed over many generations, the BUT 6 sets the European standard for meat production efficiency and reproductive performance.

Progress through Experience